The Whole nothing

Speck of Dust

I am Mordecai Jonez. My Momma was a Cowgirl yodeler back in the 40’s. My old man was the smartest person I ever met. He drank too much, gambled too much, and saw who knows what atrocities in WWII.

 I started playing the guitar and writing songs in early 2019. Went to rescue my dog in April of 2019 and when we started the 9 ½ hour drive to come home, John Lennon’s song “Beautiful Boy” came on the radio, and I looked at Scout and promised him I would play and sing that song to him. Never played any music instrument.  But I am funny about promises, if I promise it, it will be done and soon after I make that promise.  Got home, got my hands on a guitar, and took to finding the lyrics and chords to Beautiful Boy.  Found the chords and where they looked to be on the fretboard and played it. Not the best, but pretty dog gone good. Surprised myself I did. Don’t know where it came from.  So, I began to wander around the fretboard noting what sounded good and what didn’t. Got no training in music, have no idea how to read music. Couldn’t tell you a note on a sheet of music.  But I could hear the sounds, the melody, the music. Thought that was neat. So, I wandered around the fretboard for a couple of days and thought, “I can write music.”

Since then, I have written 134 songs words and music. Got another 400 more started. All my songs are stories or got a story behind em. I write the words, then wander around the fretboard or keyboard until I find what sounds to me like a good match. Then I try to record the location of those  chords relative to the top of the fretboard or where I put the capo. And voilà (fancy French word) I got me a song. That’s the process. Been a welder for bout 40 years and the process is the same. Find the right parts and put them together.

Not sure where I am going but a lot of my journey is already gone buy.  Still some life left and gonna make the best of it.  I tell people I have done so much in my life that I have lived 5 lives.  Working on number six now. Welcome to the journey, hope you enjoy it…………